Difference Between Linkedin And Pinterest | Linkedin Vs Pinterest

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At least once a day as I am scrolling via my LinkedIn homepage, I come across a post that is higher desirable for Pinterest or Instagram. As a person who teaches LinkedIn for a living, I can’t help however roll my eyes. There is a massive distinction between the two mediums and I continually hear “well isn’t LinkedIn like Pinterest besides for enterprise?” 

While LinkedIn and Pinterest have very similar thoughts and features (a domestic page, posting, messaging, friends/connections, etc.) they should be used very differently. So, here I am sharing a couple of hints and tricks you can use in the subsequent time you are deciding in which you ought to submit that humorous cat video or the ones awkward own family holiday photos that your youngsters didn’t want to take.

Which is better LinkedIn or Pinterest in Politics wise: 

My standard rule of thumb and suggestion is to by no means ever post about politics, don’t reshare a CNN or Fox information article, don’t interact on other human beings’s posts approximately what the President ate for breakfast and why it’s wrong; just do no longer engage about politics on any form of social media. But, in case you just can’t assist yourself to proportionate the modern information and you have to comment, maintain the engagement short and candy and on Pinterest. 

LinkedIn is truly not the location to engage in any form of politics and in this political climate where human beings are so brief to reduce ties with everybody they don’t agree with, I can’t strain sufficient that it could affect your professional reputation. Write a short snippet approximately how someone can use your commercial enterprise to assist put together for the converting economic system, or how you can help them stay up-to-date with social trends— whatever it can be this is appropriate for LinkedIn.

Difference between LinkedIn and Pinterest according to Family post: 

Just like politics, and I can not stress this enough, keep it for Pinterest. Pinterest is supposed to proportion all about your extravagant holiday to Italy, your daughter making Dean’s List, your son’s lacrosse game, etc. Pinterest is an area for family and pals to congratulate you, ship recommendations and tips when you want a new plumber or a brand new vet for Fluffy.

There are more than one exceptions while it comes to own family posting on LinkedIn. Some examples are if you work at your circle of relatives business, in case you are congratulating a member of the family on a new activity or promotion, or if something occurs to your infant and you may flip it into a treasured commercial enterprise lesson. Other than that, go away from it for Pinterest.

Which is better LinkedIn or Pinterest for Job Listings:

I have seen time and time once more and in most cases with younger experts a task list on Pinterest. If you are seeking out a housekeeper or babysitter, Pinterest is the location but something beyond help in your property needs to be put on LinkedIn, after all, it’s far from a professional network.

LinkedIn vs Pinterest which has Inspirational movies: 

Nowadays my Pinterest is simply flooded with tasty motion pictures and inspiring stories. Keep the tasty movies on Pinterest (I don’t need that temptation for the duration of my workday anyway) but inspiring movies about a homeless female who started their own business enterprise or a reminder to keep going is constantly nice, particularly at some point of the two p.M. Slump. Keep it business-related and expert.

LinkedIn vs Pinterest which has better post as Videos/ Memes/ GIFs: 

You can use LinkedIn to congratulate an acquaintance or wish a person a Happy Birthday on your messaging center, however the whole thing on LinkedIn ought to stay in a professional manner. At Intero, we have dogs in our workplace almost day by day and now and again they make our Instagram or organization page, that’s okay! Professional does no longer imply boring. It can be amusing and light-hearted and still expert. Post a funny photograph of your favorite dog sitting at your table on LinkedIn however preserve the video of your cat playing the ball Pinterest…see the distinction?


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