How to Create Business Account & Company Page on LinkedIn?

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Have you ever wondered about how to create a business account on LinkedIn? LinkedIn company pages have variety of various benefits compared to a LinkedIn personal profile, including visibility and education. Company pages help users study your business, brand, and job opportunities. Furthermore, the pages help users conduct their information search and evaluation.

Benefits of getting a Business account on LinkedIn:

  • It showcases your company, not only one or two employees
  • Employees act as indirect company ambassadors
  • Tangibly measure the impact of your updates
  • Monitor and be notified when someone mentions your company or brand
  • Promote your latest, most vital news
  • Showcase your specialist services

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn:

Company pages help other users learn more about your business and therefore the services you offer. By adding a Business page, you’ll also educate them on the advantages of your products or services. Before you’ll create your own company page, you want to have a private LinkedIn profile. you want to also make sure that your company doesn’t have already got a page on LinkedIn which you yourself, meet the wants to feature a Business page on LinkedIn.

how to create a business account and how to create company page on LinkedIn in simple ways:

  • Must have a private LinkedIn profile together with your true first and surname 
  • The profile must be a minimum of seven days old.
  • The profile strength must be a minimum of intermediate or all-star.
  • You must be a current employee of the corporate together with your position listed within the experience section of your profile.
  • You must have a Business email address added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account.
  • Your company’s email domain must be unique to the corporate itself.
  • A domain can’t be used quite once to make a Business page.
  • Domains like,, or similar generic emails aren’t unique to at least one company, therefore can’t be wont to create a Business page.
  • Adding a Business Page.
  • From your homepage move the cursor over “Work” and choose “Create a Business Page”.
  • Select the sort of company page on LinkedIn that you simply want to make 
  • Enter your company information
  • Click “Create Page” to continue
  • Complete your page found out by adding a canopy (1,536px x 768px size recommended), location details and content. 

What is the role of LinkedIn for Business?

In this article you get information about How to create a business account with a company page on linkedin. If someone takes the time to scroll right down to your description, they’ve already shown an interest in your company.

  • Use relevant keywords to form your page easier to get in search engines. 
  • Make sure your most vital product or service is listed first
  • Add career information and opportunities. LinkedIn may be a phenomenal recruiting tool that ought to be wont to its fullest potential.
  • Ask for product and repair reviews or testimonials. Sharing these testimonials can foster a robust sense of trust among potential visitors
  • Use targeted updates to market new and important content effectively
  • Include an outline of between 250 and 2000 characters including spaces and a Business website URL
  • Adding a location makes your company and jobs more discover-able on LinkedIn

How to Attract More Followers on LinkedIn by creating business account on LinkedIn:

It is vital you engage your colleagues. The simplest place to start out is adding your co-workers and employees. Adding your employees and inspiring them to feature your company to their personal profile helps you immediately gain credibility since they’re one among your greatest assets and brand advocates. Adding employees to your company also allows them to love , comment, and share information and updates about your company which may expand your reach and visibility in LinkedIn.

How to Engage Your Audience through company page on LinkedIn:

There are a couple of ways to interact with your audience on LinkedIn. a method is to share rich content. Posting new content a day is one among the foremost effective ways to start out a conversation and directly engage your target market. Posting new content that gives value to followers will drastically impact your engagement rates and have a positive impact on your company as an entire .

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que 1: Is it easy to create a business account and company page on LinkedIn?

Ans: You are likely missing one among the mandatory requirements. Review the LinkedIn Requirements to feature a Business Page section of this blog post to make sure you’re eligible to make a page.

Que 2: Can I create a Business account and company page on LinkedIn without a private profile?

Ans: No. you want to have a private LinkedIn profile to make a LinkedIn business page.

Que 3: Is there a price to possess a Business account and company Pages on LinkedIn?

Ans: No, Company pages on LinkedIn are often found out for free of charge , however, you’ll check in for extra human resource features, or create a LinkedIn Ad account and advertise for extra fees.

Que 4: Do I want to incorporate an address while creating Business account or company page on LinkedIn?

Ans: No, you are not to include your address when fixing your Linkedin Business page, however, it’s strongly recommended that you simply include your address and telephone number to assist enhance your Local SEO and program results. Adding a location makes your company and jobs more.


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