How to Export LinkedIn Contacts – Exporting Connections from LinkedIn

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If you’ve arrived on this page searching out a way to export your LinkedIn Contacts into Gmail or how to export your LinkedIn Contacts through phone number, it would be referred to that the technique is the equal to acquire both of those techniques. Your facts might be sent to the email related to your LinkedIn account. If that account is a Gmail account, LinkedIn will send your data there. We will tell you through instructions on the way to import your LinkedIn Connections into your Email account a bit later on this post.

How to export LinkedIn Contacts through excel, the system stays the same. Your download might be in .CSV format which may be opened as an Excel document. So, allow’s dive into the way to export/download LinkedIn Contacts.

  • Click the “Me” drop-down menu within the higher right-hand side of your LinkedIn navigation bar.
  • Click “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Click the “Privacy” tab.
  • Scroll down to “Download your facts” which is below the “How LinkedIn uses your facts” section.
  • Click “Download your information.”
  • Select the statistics (on this case, ‘Connections’) you’d want to export. Click “Request archive.”
  • You’ll see the “Request pending” notification and have to receive your export at the email related to your LinkedIn account within 10 minutes. 
  • Through notification of email you can click on download with this link. 
  • Click “Download archive”
  • Open your .CSV file to access your data.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts with Email:

Whether you’re a recruiter, in sales, a person who periodically records their contacts to clean up their connections list, or just a person who likes to preserve their own personal Google Doc of commercial enterprise contacts offline, you probably are a vintage hand at downloading your LinkedIn connections records.

  • If now not, it’s a pretty simple manner:
  • Click the ‘Me’ drop down menu within the top right-hand aspect of your LinkedIn navigation bar.
  • Click ‘Settings & Privacy.’
  • Click the ‘Privacy’ tab.
  • Scroll down to ‘Download your records’ which is under the ‘How LinkedIn profile optimization makes use of your records’ section.
  • Click ‘Download your statistics.’
  • Select the records (in this case, ‘Connections’) you’d like to export. Click ‘Request archive.’
  • Click the ‘download it with this link’ activate for your notification email.
  • Click ‘Download archive.’
  • Open your .CSV document to access your statistics.
  • All in all, a good technique. 

Except, there’s a catch. When you visit, open your spreadsheet, you’ll be aware that something very critical is missing; email addresses. Talk about an obvious. But, there is a technique within the madness.

You may pull all types of information from LinkedIn Video downloader to your offline use without any problems. But, to certain attempts at through mail and to maintain privateers, LinkedIn quietly brought in a putting where users can elect now not to proportion their info readily. Now, every person has the strongest privateers setting enabled by means of default, which keeps their privacy, but makes it harder for anyone else.

So unless a person is going in and modifies their privacy settings to permit their direct, 1st-diploma connections to download an address, you’re out of luck. Not all are equal, and the majority of them are just versions of the same theme. Also, LinkedIn is one of those tools, because it has privateers, so none of them definitely offer a perfect solution.

Use SalesQL method to export your LinkedIn Connections into phone and email:

This external tool is perfect for recruiters or those that use LinkedIn for generating income leads, and it additionally seems the very best to use, however there are a few strings attached. Mainly, there’s the handiest so much you may do with the unfastened version. To simply unlock everything they offer, you’ll need to open your wallet and subscribe. It is, however, a famous choice.

Here’s the way it works:

  • Step One: Download and install the SalesQL extension in Chrome.
  • Step Two: Click on the SalesQL icon, open the menu, and click “Download Connections
  • Step Three: Click on “ADD CONNECTIONS” and set the number of contacts you need to download. 
  • By default, it’s going to a maximum of a hundred credits for the month, which fits out to one hundred connections.

This extension will extract private and commercial enterprise emails and call numbers from your direct connections. The extremely good part is that it’ll extract email from nearly any LinkedIn contact (1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ connections.) According to the SalesQL experts, it’s exceptional to restrict how many downloads you do in a 24-hour period, depending on your LinkedIn subscription, as their software program does a scan of every profile you extract, and also you don’t want to have any troubles with LinkedIn. 

Again, this is best once you subscribe due to the default restriction. Now, everything will come to be in your SalesQL dashboard. Now, for the motive you got here; exporting those emails. Unfortunately, that is as some distance as you can get with the unfastened version. All of them, however, do provide the choice to export your connection records to a CSV or Excel document, and all the required statistics could be there.