How to Hide Linkedin Profile and Private Post? – Protect Your Privacy

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Are you getting numerous LinkedIn invites that you simply already unsubscribe from all LinkedIn notifications? And is that the number of LinkedIn invites that you are becoming from strangers getting bigger every day? Then I will be able to show you five easy tricks to limit the number of invitations you receive and conceal your LinkedIn profile from recruiters.

How to Hide Your LinkedIn Profile:

This is the simplest choice to become invisible on LinkedIn. But I’m not recommending that option, especially if you don’t want to miss an excellent job offer from people like me, a suggestion that would change your life.

How to Hide LinkedIn Profile probably already spent a while building your profile and you don’t want to lose all of your contacts from your network. Also, albeit you delete your LinkedIn profile, it’ll take a while before it’s getting to vanish from all the apps that recruiters are using.

You can Update a summary:

You can add an easy sentence like, “Dear recruiters, I’m happy where I’m, and that I don’t care what you’re offering. I’m not getting to leave,” to your summary. This may limit the number of recruiters who will attempt to contact you. However, it’s still not going to prevent recruiters that don’t read your profile or think they need the simplest provider you can get and you’ll say yes.

We can use Limit the number of keywords:

We, recruiters, are checking out particular keywords, and if your profile features a bunch of them, you’ll appear in our search. If you would like to become invisible to recruiters, you would like to eliminate these keywords that recruiters might use to seek out you.

If you are, for instance, an accountant and you’re getting job offers where there’s a 1 requirement certification “Certified Public Accountant (CPA),” the CPA is that keyword that’s used for an inquiry. If you remove it and a recruiter is trying to find CPA, your profile isn’t getting to appear within the search. However, you would like to also remove “Certified Public Accountant” from your profile and not only CPA.

You can Block Recruiters on Linkedin:

Before you begin blocking recruiters check if you chose NO for the “Let recruiters know you’re hospitable opportunities” option in your LinkedIn settings. How to Hide LinkedIn Profile will find this feature Under LinkedIn’s privacy settings; there’s an employment Seeking option. you’ll use this to vary the choice to let recruiters see your profile or not. Does one have that setting set to NO?

You can Block Strangers:

I found how to radically limit the amount of LinkedIn invites during a Hired! BCN conference. I met Nacho Cofré and since I’m a recruiter I used to be trying to feature him in my network on LinkedIn.

I used to be quite surprised that, after I hit the LinkedIn invite, I used to be asked to enter his email address rather than receiving the standard message telling me that my invite was sent. I asked Nacho how it had been possible that I couldn’t add him, and he showed me how this trick that helped him limit the amount of LinkedIn invites works.

How the LinkedIn Private Mode works and What does one Get from This Feature?

If you’ve got a LinkedIn profile, you’ve probably wondered at some point whether you’ll check out others’ profiles anonymously. the solution is, yes, absolutely. If you don’t want your information to be shared, the platform offers you the How the LinkedIn Private Mode works with the choice to browse privately mode, so other LinkedIn users won’t see your information. 

LinkedIn Offers Three Visibility Options:

1.Public version – showing your name, LinkedIn headline, profile picture, industry, and site.

2.Semi-private mode – showing your industry, current company, job title, and site.

3.Private mode – without any information with a simple private profile picture.

What are the Reasons to Use the Private Mode on LinkedIn:

There are many reasons why you’ll want to be anonymous on LinkedIn. For instance, you’ll be actively employed but still want to appear at other companies in your industry, and you don’t want your employer to seek out information about it. How the LinkedIn Private Mode works with a recruiter or sales specialist who wants to remain hidden while making an extended list of potential leads before you finally reach out.

Basically, you’ll activate this feature anytime you would like to creep at your heart’s desire. But, there are a couple of things to possess in mind if you opt to show off private mode on LinkedIn and return to the general public version. Otherwise, you risk being exposed.

How to Prevent Being Exposed:

If you browse a profile within the next 90 days that you’ve checked out while being in a private mode, they’re going to see your past activity if they’re LinkedIn premium members. How the LinkedIn Private Mode works with an equivalent profile you visited anonymously within this era. Otherwise, there’s no point in using private mode. 

If you’ve got a basic (free) account and you activate the private mode, you won’t be ready to see who has viewed your profile also. That’s only possible if you’ve got a premium account. But, even then, you won’t be ready to see the users who’ve chosen to remain anonymous.


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