How to Share LinkedIn Profile and Linkedin Private Post?

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If you’ve got a compelling and neat LinkedIn profile, you’d naturally want to share it with others, your LinkedIn connections, your friends and colleagues, or your potential employer. Believe it or not, but a substantial number of LinkedIn users encounter problems with this seemingly easy task. The question “How to share my LinkedIn profile” may crop up very often, so it’s better to satisfy things head-on. Below, I will be able to mention how to share a LinkedIn profile link with others in a professional way.

How to Share LinkedIn Profile by URL:

To increase your LinkedIn network, it might be an honest idea to start out by sharing your profile together with your LinkedIn connections. The platform allows sending your profile to your 1st-degree connections. This method is perhaps the simplest one since it doesn’t include manual copy-pasting of your LinkedIn URL link.

To complete it, do the following:

➥ Click the “Me” icon within the top menu of your LinkedIn Page.

➥ Choose “View profile.”

➥ Click “More…” and choose “Share profile.”

➥ Under the “New message” heading, type one or more names of your connections. This message automatically includes your LinkedIn URL link, which you’ll see at the rock bottom of the message pop-up window. you’ll also add custom text within the field provided.

➥ Click “Send.” That’s it.

How to Share Linkedin Private Post by URL:

I can’t but mention that LinkedIn also provides a choice to share someone else’s profile together with your connections. Just in case you’ll be got to do that, the procedure is nearly an equivalent as when sharing your profile:

➥ Go to the LinkedIn profile page you’d wish to share together with your connections.

➥ Click “More…” and choose “Share post.”

➥ Type within the name or names of your connections, to whom you would like to send this LinkedIn profile.

➥ Click “Send.”

➥ As simple as that.

How to Send LinkedIn Post Link:

But the way to send a LinkedIn profile link to someone outside LinkedIn? you’d got to copy the URL link of your LinkedIn profile, and lots of LinkedIn users do it wrong. The way to share a LinkedIn profile with Simply copying the URL of your LinkedIn home page will lead another person to nowhere but their own LinkedIn homepage (if they need one). What you would like to try to do is locate your public profile URL. 

➥ To achieve this, follow these steps:

➥ Click the “Me” icon within the top menu of your LinkedIn Page.

➥ Choose “View profile.”

➥ In the upper left corner of the page, find the “Edit public profile & URL” option, and click on it.

edit linkedin profile URL.

Under the “Edit your custom URL” heading, you’ll see your public LinkedIn URL. If you would like to vary it into a more elegant form, you’ll click the pencil-shaped button and enter the specified URL ending. Now you’ll share your LinkedIn profile URL by copying and pasting this link wherever you would like.

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile and Post:

Nowadays, many HR specialists expect jobseekers to incorporate their LinkedIn profile link in their resumes. How to Share Individual Posts? Experts say it’s not necessary for the least while others enforce making the HR specialist’s job easier by including the link to the page they might want to seem up anyway.

Here are a couple of tips just in case you wonder how to share your LinkedIn profile on your resume in the best way: confirm your profile is up-to-date, professional, and not an entire copy of your resume. Customize your public LinkedIn profile URL. Add the link to the Contacts section of your resume.

How to Share LinkedIn Profile in Email:

If you would like to seek out a way to share a LinkedIn profile in email, I might strongly recommend adding your LinkedIn profile URL to your email signature. If you don’t have one, go and make it since this is often a requirement in business correspondence.

How to Share Individual Posts? Experts suggest adding the “LinkedIn profile” phrase before the particular URL in your email signature. However, if you don’t want to clutter your signature with unnecessary words, omitting this phrase is perfectly fine.

How to Share Private Post on LinkedIn:

If you’re doing a pleasant job keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, it might be great to assist your connections and study the changes in a comfortable way. How to Share Individual Posts? With LinkedIn, share profile changes automatically? as long as you enable notifications about your profile changes. Here is the way to do this:

➥ Click the “Me” icon within the top menu of your LinkedIn Page.

➥ Choose “Settings & Privacy.”

➥ In the “Privacy” tab, find “Share job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries from profile” within the “How others see your LinkedIn activity” section.

➥ Click “Change” and witch to “Yes.”

Now, you’ll confidently say that you simply are a true pro in sharing your LinkedIn profile with others.